Need an SEO hero? Here is a round up of my SEO heroes!

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SEO Hero Spotlight

SEO Hero Superstars Online

There are those that continually step up and offer guidance across various social platforms--whether it be to those starting off in the industry or those that need simple advice, heroes can always be found.

SEO Hero Experts Publishing Work

Well-written training guides and step-by-step tutorials are key to learning the industry. Those that have taken time to do this deserve some appreciation.

SEO Heroes Creating the Right Tools

It's always best to have the right tools for the job. Here are the best SEO tools and the SEO heroes that created them.

seo-heroSEO Hero Round-Up

When it comes to selecting one SEO hero that I always want in my corner, I cannot choose just one. To learn and success in the industry of search engine optimization and internet marketing, you can’t lean on only on SEO hero. Here is my round up of all my SEO heroes. But first…what makes someone an SEO hero? Here is how to become an SEO hero:

SEO HERO Qualities

SEO Hero QualitiesYesNo
Willing to advise in a public forum?seo hero
Willing to take someone under their arm and teach the,?seo-hero
WIlling to publish case studies and content with what they've learned and what works?seo-hero-2017
Willing to share secrets to success?wix-seo-hero
There are many qualities that make someone an SEO Hero. Here is the checklist that I use as I made my list.

I’ve broken down my heroes into three groups: online superstars in the community that influence the masses, experts that constantly publish content, and industry leaders that have crafted tools that I use on a daily basis to navigate the murky waters of keyword research, backlinking metrics, and rank measurements.

Whether you know everything there is to know about SEO or you already have all the tools at your disposal, there is an SEO hero here for everyone.

Top Examples of an SEO Hero in the Community

When it comes to finding role models in the community, there are MANY to choose from–many great ones.

Pat Flynn – My First Influential SEO Hero

seo hero

Pat Flynn

When I first started learning about search engine optimization, one of the first people that I learned from was Pat Flynn. His blog, Smart Passive Income, was a great read, but what really turned out to be a significant source of information was his podcast. By the time I found it, he was already several years in, so I could cram in hours and hours of his podcast while doing chores around the house or driving on roadtrips.

Pat taught me the importance of long tail keywords, he opened me up to tools like Market Samurai and Long Tail Pro, and he taught me a lot about making real connections with people that read your content–about growing and cultivating a fan base. If there was anyone that I could pick to be a SEO hero for a beginner wanting to learn the basics of SEO and blogging, Pay Flynn would be that person.

U/Tuilere – Everyone’s SEO Hero

If you spend any time of Reddit, in any of the SEO groups, you’ve no doubt seen the username Tuilere. He’s everywhere–always giving sage advice. He is a rockstar in all aspects of SEO; he acts as an SEO hero for everyone, constantly giving advice to all that ask for it. I spend a lot of time myself trying to be involved in the large SEO group on Reddit and in the Reddit group for SEO professionals in the industry, but have no fear, u/Tuilere is near.

He is never self-promoting, always passing on a wealth of advanced-level information to those that will accept his advice. And coming from someone who has been in the industry for the last several years, he REALLY knows his stuff. I have yet to see an answer come from him that I don’t agree with 100%.

Top Tools to Become Your Own SEO Hero

Tool examples text goes here…hero can come in the form of tools or the people that create them.

SerpLab – Free Keyword Tracking SEO Hero

If you need an SEO hero on a budget, SerpLab is what you are looking for. If you are trying to track the success of your websites, the success of your keyword movement, SerpLab might be the program that you need. Not only does this website have an entry level that you can access for free, the next level up is only $5–no affiliate links here, just reccommending a good, cheap site.

Part of what makes this program so good is that it is extremely flexible. You can decide how often you want to update your rankings, you can add tons of competitors (which is unique, because a lot of sites don’t allow more than three–I’m currently tracking 15 on one campaign!). You can track across multiple search engines, too–Google, Google Local, Bing, Yahoo, and YouTube.

AnswerThePublic – Content Creation Powerhouse SEO Hero

AnswerthePublic is an amazing (and free tool) that help you generate content ideas about products that you are trying to market. The experience of using AnswerThePublic is extremely easy. When you search for terms online with search engines you’ve no doubt seen the auto suggested results that they provide you. This website has taken that information and added on to it to provide you every possible search insight for a marketing team or SEO content writer trying to create content for a website.

Collective Groups Can Be SEO Heroes, Too