Google to Remove Content Keywords (And a Tool to Replace It)

Google has struck again–yet another hard blow. In about a month’s time. Google has removed another valuable tool from Google Search Console. First they removed the tool that allowed webmasters to demote sitelinks, now they have removed the tool that allows us to see our Content Keywords. This isn’t a huge blow to the SEO community…not nearly as much as removing the ability to demote sitelinks. But every time Google takes away a tool or a feature from me, it saddens me more and more.

Overall, it was duplicating data that we could find elsewhere, but it was nice to have that data that I had been used to accessing for the last several years.

A Better Way to Find Content Keywords

Part of what makes this site unique is that I try to share all the free SEO tools that I can with you. A great tool that I use for SEO audits that will help combat the loss of Google’s Content Keywords feature is SEOptimer. Part of their free auditing tool test for Keyword Consistency.

When auditing the website, they optimized their title tags and meta descriptions properly targeting keywords related to health insurance, the insurance marketplace, healthcare, health coverage, the Affordable Care Act, and health coverage.


However, when you look at the words and phrases used most commonly in their headings and text, they aren’t the same.


So, not only will this tool tell you how many times you are using the terms in your content, it will tell you whether or not you have used them in your title, your meta description, or in your headings. By looking at these numbers, you would assume that the site is not about health or insurance. To me, this suggest that their Call-to-Actions may be a little heavy or that they are trying too hard to gather information.

Keep Keywords Consistent

If you don’t keep your keyword use consistent throughout the article or copy you are writing, search engines may not be able to tell what you are writing about. In this case, their other on-page SEO elements are so strong, and their backlinking profiles is so strong that Google has no problem deciphering what the site and this page’s intention is–a smaller site or a start-up; however, it is key that you use a tool like this to keep your keyword consistency focused and on track.

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