How to Learn SEO for Free

If you are looking for your own SEO hero, it probably means that you are either someone looking to learn SEO for your own website or you are small business owner trying to improve your presence online. If we are being completely honest, based on the way this page is optimized, you probably found this page because you went to Google and typed in: “How to learn SEO for free.” I commend you for that. There is nothing wrong with trying to learn a skill-set on a budget–that’s how I learned SEO.


Bouncing from my own SEO hero to SEO hero, I found people and resources that helped me learn the industry. Here is a short guide that will help you learn SEO for free.

Learn SEO for Free from Agencies

Download Their eBooks

A lot of the large agencies have ebooks you can download for free that will teach you a lot. Usually it will be in their sidebar or it will appear in some sort of pop over. They will ask for your email address before you can download the PDF, but it is usually a small price to pay for the knowledge you are about to get. Here is an example of one from HubSpot, but you can scour the web for tons more specific to the particular skill you are trying to learn.

Read Their Blogs

Some of their post will be fluff promotional pieces, but the majority of good digital marketing companies’ focus their content on informing their readers on the “hows, whats, and whys” of SEO and digital marketing. These blogs are chocke

Learn SEO for Free from Reddit

Whether you are new to SEO or have been in the game for years there are groups on Reddit that have lots of valuable information to help you thrive and learn SEO for free. Here are three Reddit subs that I highly suggest you check out. The first one is for SEO beginners or just general SEO, the second one is where a lot of the guys from agencies and large companies talk shop (you can learn tons if you just read and ask the right questions) and the third one is a sub that just aggregates SEO news–there are very few industries that change as much as search engine optimization, so it is important that you stay on top of all the changes.

learn seo for free

Learn SEO for Free Here

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